Mercedes Benz Just Like You Party with KimoKal’s Album Launching

Posted on Fri, 22 Mar 2019


March 22, 2019 – Jakarta, Indonesia. After their album ‘Aries’ made its way to digital platforms on February 22, 2019, KimoKal is now here to celebrate its journey and their collaboration project with Mercedes Benz Indonesia.

Kimokal is the recording name of the duo Kimo Rizky and Kallula Harsynta Esterlita conjoined. Their music draws from psychedelic, nu-wave, dub, electronic, nu-disco, ballad, and pop. Yet they refuse to be classified into one, as they transcend from a different depth of Indonesia’s music scene. Their sophomore album Aries was released last month, Simply because both Kimo and Kallula are Ariens, or people with Aries as their sun sign. Not to put their own beliefs onto their listeners, but they chose the name because they want to be more upfront and personal in this album. Contrary to the personas built upon O, now Kimo and Kallula aims to show their idiosyncratic and vibrant side through Aries. Following the success of this album release, they have also released the music video of their single Just Like You, which happens to be the title of their project with Mercedes Benz.

KimoKal x Mercedes Benz: Just Like You was launched in August 2018. The campaign features a web series documenting KimoKal’s creative process in the album production. Aligning with the arrangement of opening up to their listeners, through this campaign KimoKal succeeded making Aries through a crowd-sourced process as opened up the album making process to listeners as they were able to contribute samples and lyrics to help Kimo and Kallula in finishing Aries.

This album launch happens to be the last episode of the Just Like You web series, celebrating the coda of this campaign with a showcase. KimoKal has prepared a never-before-seen performance of their entire Aries album. With that, Mantra Vutura has been asked to join the set as they are featured in the album’s closing track, Dawn Blue. Amplifying the showcase is a LED installation from Maika Collective Studio, whose gleam will surface with every tune they perform. KimoKal hopes that this event launch will do their 2 year album production journey justice, a journey building relationships through music locally and internationally.

KimoKal wishes their listeners would enjoy Aries as much as they had fun making it. They hope that Aries could be the gateway for the listeners to dive into KimoKal’s world, a journey to find out how they are just like you.