Mantra Vutura Releases ‘Moonlight feat. Bam Mastro’

Posted on Fri, 05 Jul 2019

Mantra Vutura a breeze of fresh air in Indonesia’s electronic music scene, was founded by Tristan Juliano and Zakari Danubrata in 2017. The two have previously released ‘Solar Labyrinth’ (2017), a five track mini album introducing Mantra Vutura as an experimental, electronic unit combining house music with percussive instruments. In aims to branch their style to a wider scene, they have returned after two years with a single featuring Bam Mastro entitled ‘Moonlight’.


The track ‘Moonlight’ features Bam Mastro’s unique timbre which Mantra Vutura were highly drawn to. It features strong bass characters with a pulsing beat from the start, making it the kind of track that forces you to move to its tempo. The chorus also doesn’t fall short on making you turn, featuring phrases with instant appeal highlighted by Bam Mastro’s unique vocal character.


Through Moonlight, Mantra Vutura and Bam Mastro hope inspire courage and confidence in a relationship, believing that mutual feelings can only be felt when both dare to open up. “We could grow stronger, when we’re together, show me love.” As the line Mantra Vutura chooses to highlight as the track’s main motive. Thus the artwork done by Rooovie (Fatchurofi) is meant to represent the message of bravery they wish to convey.


Along with exploring new styles and genres with Moonlight, the two hopes to emphasize their formation as a group rather than a duo they were previously known as. Thus introducing Mantra Vutura as Tristan (keyboard & synthesizer), Zaki (drums, vocals, percussion), Ayla Adjie (Percussions), Dovi Martindas (Flute & Saxophone), Ananda Thesvara (Bass & Synth Bass). This renewed formation and introduction can only tell us that the group has far more in store this coming year.


Moonlight feat. Bam Mastro is now available on all digital streaming platforms on July 5, 2019.