KimoKal Releases “Aries”

Posted on Fri, 22 Feb 2019
After almost two years in the studio, KimoKal is ready to open up with their sophomore album.

Following their beloved debut album O back in 2016, they have released two singles in 2018, titled One ft. Neonomora and Wanderlust. Now, after almost two years of cooking in the studio, KimoKal is prepared to release their sophomore album, titled Aries. Why the name? Simply because both Kimo and Kallula are Ariens, or people with Aries as their sun sign. Not to put their own beliefs onto their listeners, but they chose the name because they want to be more upfront and personal in this album. Contrary to the personas built upon O, now Kimo and Kallula aims to show their idiosyncratic and vibrant side through Aries. They believe that revealing their personal side to listeners, they could show them that, in more ways than one, they are just like them.

With Aries, KimoKal brings in new promising sounds revealing their vibrant and dynamic side, as they venture more into both national and international music landscape. KimoKal wishes their listeners would enjoy Aries as much as they had fun making it. They hope that Aries could be the gateway for the listeners to dive into KimoKal’s world.

Aries is now available on digital streaming platforms, as of February 22, 2019.