Kara Chenoa releases his newest single “Undercover Lover”

Posted on Fri, 15 Mar 2019

15 March 2019 – Taking a milder and more melodic approach than usual, Kara Chenoa releases his newest single “Undercover Lover”.

Kara Chenoa is a singer / rapper based in South Jakarta, Indonesia. He represents CUL DE SAC Collective a group of Rappers, Producer, and DJ’s like BAP. and many others. He recently released a single with Jevin Julian entitled No Clue. Now, with an EP on the way in April and another set this summer, Kara Chenoa is here to share his story through a single entitled, Undercover Lover.

The song was inspired by an unrequited love affair. While most lovelorn tracks simply speak about the affair in hand, this track itself delves in much deeper depicting the aftermaths about dealing with anxiety and insecurities. “We’re all human, we make mistakes, and this is just an example of me telling my story”, the artist said. Through this track, Kara Chenoa wants to bring up the message how these things happen, and people need to acknowledge their insecurities in order to cope with them. Kara Chenoa also admits to exploring a softer and groovier beat in this track.

The production itself was quite simple, as lyrics came from a very personal place it took less than a week to finish. In this track, Kara Chenoa collaborated with producer Adhe Arrio, who will also take part in his upcoming releases. Undercover Lover is now available on all digital streaming platforms as of 15 March 2019.