Bordering Practice

Posted on Thu, 28 Feb 2019

Bordering Practice – a collaborative residency program and live showcase by Japan Foundation Asia Center with Double Deer Music, Maltine Records and BuwanBuwan Collective.

Part of the Japan Foundation Asia Center’s media art exchange program launched in 2016, Bordering Practice is a project that encourages interchange among the next generation of talent with a focus on technology-driven creativity and the electronic music scene that has witnessed exciting growth in Asia through collaborations between local artists. This program focuses on post- internet conditions in expression and culture, endeavoring to form partnerships with local labels in the cities featured and cultivate a new scene (that is, an environment in which artistic expression can appear). In order to detect the idiosyncrasies and commonalities within each community, the project intentionally draws “borders” and then joins them up, uncovering contemporary glocal (simultaneously global and local) scenes that transcend geography.

The program will commence in Jakarta shortly, featuring Double Deer’s Mantra Vutura (Indonesia), similarobjects (Phillipines), and PARKGOLF (Japan). These artists will gather in Double Deer Music, Jakarta where they will produce work together, compose three music tracks from unfinished sequences which they each bring. This creative process, unfolding through the digital tools that are so definitive of electronic music, will realize a collective working style in which new expression born out of collaboration coexists alongside the individual approaches of the respective artists. This residency program will take place at Double Deer Music March 7-9, 2019.

The residency program will be followed by a live showcase of the three collectives, on March 10 2019 at Queens Head, Jakarta. Showcasing the three acts from the residency program as well as three other acts, Rayssa Dynta, RL KLAV and PASOCOM Music Club. The six musicians from will present sounds ranging from dance music like techno and house to pop that integrates elements of city music.