RL KLAV is a duo formed in 2016, consisting of Rizkia Larasati (RL) and Keisha Aita (KLAV). Two high school friends who crossed paths in the music scene, naturally reinforcing them to establish this collaborative project.

Valentines Day 2018 saw the release of RL KLAV’s ‘Basic’ a RnB/Soul collection of tracks, some would describe as reminiscent to 90s. Since then Basic, has brought RL KLAV across cities, festivals surpassing 300,000 streams. When a simple idea between two friends becomes such a milestone, it becomes clear this collaboration project is innate and inevitable.This release was an independent effort for the most part with a help for a few good friends.

Their live performances are characterised by KLAV moving swiftly from one instrument to the other as RL accompanies with her gentle and feathery vocals brushing through their love-lorn lyrics.


Forthcoming Shows

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