Inspired from the 60s & 70s era, Kimo began his exploration into the world of sound and music. Majoring in electronic music production, Kimo finally got his SAE Scholarship in 2011 which lead him to form Double Deer Music. Music has always been a thing for Kimo, guiding him to various interesting aspects of it. As a nucleus of Kimo’s life journey, music speaks to him in louder power as he displays his musical idealism through the pulse of disco beat with balearic sensibilities. Some of his finest works are released through various labels such as Double Deer Records, Paper Recordings (UK), Catune Records (JPN), Is It Balearic? Recordings (UK), Hot Digits Music (UK), Sumateran Tigers Records and last but not least, the infamous Turn On Plastic. Kimo is also recognized as the mastermind behind musical duo KimoKal.


Forthcoming Shows

No forthcoming shows.