Self Defense Mechanism • Single

Apr 10, 2020

Five original tracks. A track featured a member of ONAR, Aryo Wismoyo, a track featured the drummer of the band Zirah, Talitha Mailangkay, ShotgunDre tries to tell us what he has been through for the last one year. It was the most emotional time he ever had and yet the most uplifting one. Two remixes added to the EP to give the listeners a comprehensive sight to the fifth track, Alpha Omega, which gave him the energy he needed to be able to continue his fight.

On 10 April 2020 everybody from all over the globe can stream Dre’s latest work and hopefully fuelled by it. It’s a different kind of Hip-Hop where the synth is the backbone of the music and metaphor is the backbone of the lyrics. Compared to what he did with Art of Tree, this time there’s almost no Jazz influence. It sounds raw and heavily influenced by electronic music.