Music Branding & Marketing 101

Learn what ‘marketing’ is all about in the music industry, as well as understanding the application include starting off with ‘branding’ knowledge. We will also guide you on how to make a pitch deck for album project; from determining the objectives and ideas to the process of constructing an advance and enticing proposal. The course is made up of 3 x 2 hour classes.

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Baskara Putra


Hindia is the moniker of Baskara Putra.  He is also known as the vocalist and producer of Indonesian music group .Feast. 

His first album ‘Menari Dengan Bayangan’ has gained the reputation as one of the best Indonesian albums of 2019 according to many medias and publications. Amassing more than 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone in less than nine months, Hindia is regarded by some as the nation’s best newcomer in 2019, following his nominations from various awards all along 2019.


08 October 2020
05 November 2020
02 December 2020


Session 01

Brand and Marketing in Music

The focus of this meeting is to reach a common understanding regarding the definition of “brand” and the “branding” activity with the whole class. Half of the session will be spent on mapping each and every students’ needs (the goal, music genre, creative direction/social image they want to build)

Session 02

Business Implementation

The second meeting will be focused on real-situation practice of marketing activity in music, (which derived from brand or image of the music itself) and insights concerning the real process/production line/ supplies/production, distribution, and consumptions of music in the field.

Session 03


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