Hip Hop Artistry

Imagine performing the music that you love with quality and peculiarity. Brought by one of the best Indonesian rapper right now, Laze, in this class he will teach you how to actually have something to say, rather than just being a performer that wants to say something. You won’t be just an entertainer, you will be an artist. Our Hip-Hop Artistry course offers fundamental technique and knowledge that you must possess in order to set the bars.

This course consists of 18 x 2 hour classes that would discuss all comprehension regarding performing as a Hip-Hop artist. At the end of your course, you would have finished a deliberately made EP and master the art of performing Hip-Hop.

Course Price


Rp. 4.000.000,-

* Registration Fee Rp. 250.000,-


Havie Parkasya


Hip Hop Lecturer

Standing at the forefront of the new generation of Indonesian Hip-Hop, Laze has been regarded as one of the most respected rappers locally. He is known for A1 wordplay and genius freestyle.


07 July 2020
01 September 2020
09 December 2020


Session 01

Hip-Hop history, picking your unique name, and basic songwriting

Session 02

Lyrical theme, style, wordplay, and flow

Session 03

History and basic of hip-hop beats

Session 04

How to make rhyme and beats, finding your flow

Session 05

Basic song writing tips, developing song structure, the science of choruses

Session 06

Wordplay, lyrical style, creating punchlines

Session 07

The rap game, creating a brand, making money out of it

Session 08

Hip-Hop industry, pop cultures, developing your character, gimmick and personality

Session 09

How to record a rap track, finding your voices, how to make adlibs

Session 10

Finalizing lyrics, putting details into songs, record a draft

Session 11

How to perform, finding your unique value

Session 12

Recording session

Session 13

Recording session, perfecting your craft

Session 14

Recording session, perfecting your craft

Session 15

Recording session, perfecting your craft

Session 16

Recording session, perfecting your craft

Session 17

Mixing and mastering, finalizing your craft

Session 18

Mixing and mastering, finalizing your craft

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