Digital Music Production

In here, we provide you the skills to compose what was once just a concept inside your mind into actuality through digital music production–without actually needing to have earned formal musical trainings any kind of background in music before. Using the state-of-the-art computer software Ableton Live, our instructors will guide you throughout the process of creating your very own song.

The course is made up of 8 x 2 hour classes. Each sessions will introduce theoretical and practical knowledge in which will help significantly in the journey of your creation.

Course Price

Private (Temporarily Closed)

Rp. 7.000.000,-

Regular (Temporarily Closed)

Rp. 5.500.000,-

Regular Online Class

Rp. 4.000.000,-

Private Online Class

Rp. 5.500.000,-

* Registration Fee Rp. 250.000,-


Ade Habibie


He is an electronic music producer who graduated from SAE Amsterdam. He is the winner of 2 Paranoia awards for Best Electronic Producer in 2007 and Best Live Performance in 2010. He was also awarded as Local Act of The Year 2011 by Juice Magazine. With his achievements in the electronic music scene and relations with the Industry in Indonesia, he will assist students to reach a higher level of competence.

Yudistira Abjani



He is the man behind the moniker Mataharibisu, an ambient/downtempo music project that has released various materials with international labels such as Series Two Records (USA) and Cloudragon Label (UK). His unique style has landed him some recognition around the scene. One of Mataharibisu’s single was nominated under the “Genre Bender” category of VIMA 2014. Outside of Mataharibisu, Yudi also produces music and scoring for brands.


02 November 2020
07 December 2020
04 January 2021


Session 01

Ableton 101 & Introduction to Beat Making

Introducing one of the first step of being a producer which is making beats and getting familiar with the Ableton Live interference and controls

Session 02

Introduction to Bass Line

Getting to know how to make a bass line and the basics of groove

Session 03

Introduction to Chord, Basic Chord Making, Slice & Warp

Making your own chords with Ableton Live built in instruments by drawing notes on the midi board

Session 04

Recording in Ableton, Session/Arrangement View & Automation

Record with real instruments into Ableton Live, understanding the purpose of session view and arrangement view also get to know how to use automation in your song

Session 05

Introduction to FX (EQ8, Reverb, Delay, Compressor)

Polish your sounds with Ableton Live built in effects

Session 06

Music Arrangement & Composition

Understanding the structure of a song and how to arrange your composition within a song

Session 07

Introduction to Mixing & Mastering

Two of the most important phase of making a song, on this session you will learn how to mix and master your song and understanding the purpose of the two

Session 08

Review & Music Business

A finished song is expected within this session and we will introduce you how to market your song

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